Here is a brief description of the various armies that feature in our battle reports.

Which army has your loyalty? And which army has what it takes to be the next Channel Champions?

Adeptus Custodes (Tom Cothier): With only a few games played so far, Tom's Custodes will be an army to watch out for! A very well equipped force featuring some amazing Forge World units that can be called upon to aid in the fight against the enemies of the Imperium!

Adeptus Mechanicus (Luke Barker): Built around a great Imperial Knight, the Adeptus Mechanicus boasts some of the best firepower of all our armies, keenly directed by Belisarius Cawl himself. This army seems to have a habit of being able to adapt to any type of foe it faces. The Ad Mech have performed well in recent battles, and are a tough army to break down.

Astra Militarum (James Barker): Praise the Emperor and pass the ammunition! James' Astra Militarum army marches into battle alongside formidable battle tanks and artillery support! Known for its deadly firepower, there are few who can match an Astra Militarum gunline!

Blood Angels (Luke Barker): For Sanguinius! Fearlessly lead by Captain Lazarus Dawnhammer and Lieutenant Abraham, the Blood Angels take the fight to the enemies of the Emperor! Having lost most of their recent battles, my Blood Angels army seeks only to redeem itself, and restore lost honour! Challenging to coordinate an effective attack in battle, but utterly deadly when a plan is well executed! Enemies of the Imperium - fear a Blood Angels assault!

Death Guard (Aaron Allen): Tough, durable (disgustingly resilient in fact!), and lead by Mortarion himself, Aaron's Death Guard army has become a bane to many of the Space Marine armies on the Channel. Denied the Channel Crown in our Season 7 League Battle Reports, the Death Guard will slaughter all in their path as they make a fresh attempt to become the top faction on the Channel!

Deathwatch (Aaron Allen): Seeking to make their mark on the Channel, Aaron seeks to put together a strike force that will eliminate any foe!

Drukhari (Luke Barker): Freshly revamped and ready for war, this father and son lead Dark Kin army has a point to prove. Featuring the legendary fighter, Drazhar Master of Blades, The Drukhari strike hard and fast, but are vulnerable to being blasted to pieces. Who will be the next victim of a Dark Eldar raid? Just hope they don't take you alive!

Eldar (Luke Barker): Lead by Prince Loriel (Autarch Skyrunner), and featuring the famed Ariel Doomhand (Striking Scorpion Exarch), the Eldar are a swift, deadly, and at times, a dazzlingly brilliant force to behold on the battlefield. Their pride and self confidence in battle gives them strength, but could it be their undoing? The Eldar believe they should be at the top, but they must fight hard to achieve this. They have been Channel Champions before...can they do it again?

Harlequins (Luke Barker): Currently a work in progress, but hoping to get them to 2000pts as soon as possible! Keep an eye on the Webway...the clowns could come out to play very soon!

Imperial Fists (Luke Barker): One of the finest of the Space Marines Chapters, my Imperial Fist army has taken quite a beating in recent times. This battle worn force will fight to avenge past defeats, and forge a reputation for blistering firepower from the back line. For Dorn!

Imperial Knights (Luke Barker): These towering engines of war may be few in number, but they stride into battle with the potential to crush all in their path! The earth shakes, and the enemy cowers, as the Imperial Knights stride into battle! (Many of the units in this army have been painted on commission by Legofingerz. Check him out on instagram!)

Necrons (Luke Barker): Lead by the Necron Overlord, Tamun Ra', the Necrons have earned the reputation for being one of the toughest armies to bring down. They will often advance to the centre of the battlefield where they like to dominate play! Once in position, to dislodge them from the middle ground is no easy task! These merciless ancient machines seek to purge the weak, hated flesh!

Orks (Luke Barker): Brutal yet cunning, Gutrippa's Ladz are a motley bunch. With help from Cuzin Zogg, Gutstitcha, and Killsaw Kyle, 'Da Rippa' has crushed many an army sent against him! Enemy characters beware...Da Rippa is after your head!

Red Scorpions (Luke Barker): Still a work in progress, Captain Diotrephes of the Red Scorpions will lead an all Primaries Space Marine army!

Red Scorpions (Tom Cothier): Solid as a rock, and boasting some amazing Forge World units, Tom's Red Scorpions army has had a good run of success on the Channel so far. Is there any army on the Channel that can break them? We shall see!

Secret Army 2 (Luke Barker): All will be revealed when the army is complete! For now, this force fights exclusively on the PLUS Channel!

Space Wolves (Luke Barker): Painted mostly by the talented artists at Siege Studios, the Space Wolves are a fascinating Space Marine Chapter to command on the battlefield and watch in our games. Still seeking an army list that works best for them, the Space Wolves will fearlessly hurl themselves at the enemy! For Russ!

Tau (Luke Barker): Many hate the T'au...because they are so good! This young race, boasts some of the best firepower of all of our armies. Lead into battle by Commander Ghost Tide, the T'au are the Champions of our Season 8 League. Being at the top is a lonely place, but the T'au care not! They will fight on regardless...For the greater Good!

Thousand Sons (Luke Barker): This is the first completed PLUS Channel Secret Project army, and the Thousand Sons have been a most welcome addition to the Channel. Now with Chaos fully represented, this army will bring death and destruction to all those who follow the False Emperor!

Tyranids (Luke Barker): Fear the Hive Mind! This ever adapting Tyranid army devours all in its path! Only the most disciplined of foes stand any chance to halting a Tyranid onslaught!

Ultramarines (James Barker): The boys in blue! Featuring Captain Acheran, Sergeant Chronos, and Lieutenant Toupee! You'll not meet a more blindly zealous Space Marine Commander than James! He Ultramarines army packs a mean punch in the shooting phase, but as yet, we think they have not shown their true potential! Can James guide them to glory this Season? Perhaps with the help of a Primarch!

That's our list of current armies! Keep a look out for them featuring in our various battle reports here on the PLUS Channel and on Youtube!

"Forget the promise of progress and understanding, for in the grim dark future there is only war. There is no peace amongst the stars!"